Nagroda dla Bożeny Heleny Mazur-Nowak

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wrz 3, 2020 KBB
Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak, a writer from Opole/Poland, living in the UK, bagged another international award for literary excellence at par with global standards.
She was honored along with other 349 writers coming from 80 countries by Motivational Strips and Gujarat Sahitya Academy. The prestigious international recognition is in commemoration of India’s 74th Independence Day, August 15th writers worldwide are honored.
Motivational Strips is The World’s Most Active Writers Forum while Gujarat Sahitya Academy is the leading literary institution in India.
Times of India, the leading newspaper in India, declared the honors given as the “The top a writer can receive in a lifetime.”
The academy is run by the state government of Gujarat and the award given by the institution is a dream for writers in India and beyond.
Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak is a multi-awarded contemporary international author and poet and the author of seven poetry books, three story collections, and a novel She is also a co-author to nearly 100 national and international anthologies.
Bozena Helena’s works have been translated into 20 languages.