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lut 11, 2018 KBB

7 lutego 2018 ukazała się najnowsza książka Mirosławy Kruszewskiej Redaktorzy „Sztuki i Narodu” 1942-1944: (nie zapominajmy o nich). Książka jest do kupienia za pośrednictwem
O autorce czytamy: „Miroslawa Kruszewska: born 1950 in Gdansk, Poland – independent journalist, literary and theater critic, poetess, publisher, researcher of Polish immigrational literature and of the history of Polish emigration to America; political refugee (1981); she graduated from the University of Gdansk (1975) earning a degree in Polish philology with a specialization in editing and theater; PhD in the humanities. In the old country, she was involved in the activities of literary and theatrical environments of Tri-city (Gdansk-Sopot-Gdynia), a metropolitan area in Pomerania by the Baltic Coast, where she was likewise a theatrical and literary critic. In September 1981 she left Poland. She is working as a freelancer in the emigration press; also wrote and published five poetic tomes. She is not associated with any literary society nor any poetic group. Winner of several literary awards, including Jozef Mackiewicz’s American Literary Award (1988) for the volume of poems titled „Trapped in Freedom” (the Polish prize was not yet extant). In 1994, she received the Alexander Janta Literary Award for publications about emigration. In 2011, she was awarded the 'Medal of Ignacy J. Paderewski’ – for journalism in the service of the Nation. Her interest in the generation of the Second World War, in particular the tragic fate of the poets gathered around the periodical „Sztuka i Narod”, has been present in her since high school. She wrote her Master’s Thesis about Andrzej Trzebinski under the supervision of prof. Stanisław Kaszynski. Meeting other scholars of the historical war generation – Zdzislaw Jastrzebski and Jerzy Tomaszkiewicz – guided the above-mentioned interests and passions her entire life. She says that the poets of „Sztuka i Narod” gave impetus to her life and defined its purpose. Miroslawa Kruszewska is a member of the Union of Polish Writers Abroad (London). She is a permanent resident of Seattle, Washington, along with her husband and sons.”