On Life’s Path By Danuta Błaszak, Anna Maria Mickiewicz

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cze 28, 2017 KBB

We are honoured to present a new volume of the Contemporary Writers of Poland series, a collection of short stories revealing diversity of styles, themes, and forms. Some of the most interesting works are stories in which the borders between prose and poetry are blurred or non-existent. The stories reflect a variety of attitudes, some of which the reader may find controversial, however, they are all concentrated around one thematic axis „life is like a circle …”. The volume also includes longer stories by a group of London-based artists and writers connected with the Literary Waves portal. We would like to extend our gratitude to the contributors from both sides of the ?pond?, Americans and Europeans, Poles and Polish immigrants, without whose enthusiasm for and cooperation in the present project would not have come to fruition. It is our great pleasure to present these selections for you to discover as we have done, these excellent contemporary writers from around the world.