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lut 6, 2019 KBB
 Celebrating the 200th anniver, first Polish author to write about women’s friendship and sisterhood, education and independence, the event will make connections between the group of radical women surrounding her in the 1840s and their latter-day emulators.
Ursula Phillips (translator) will introduce Żmichowska’s controversial novel The Heathen (1846) and then chair a discussion with contemporary poet-translators Anna Błasiak and Maria Jastrzębska on their own recent poetry, on Polish women writers of the past, and on what we might understand by ‘women’s writing’ and ‘lesbian/ queer writing’.
sary of the birth of Narcyza Żmichowska
The event will be accompanied by an exhibition of photographs by Lisa Kalloo, which make up the visual aspect of Anna Błasiak’s upcoming collection.